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Are you making the most of In-Page Analytics?

If you run Google Analytics on your website, and haven’t taken a look at the “In-Page Analytics” feature recently, I’d recommend doing so. This feature is constantly evolving, and the latest addition is a contour chart showing what percentage of visitors could see various areas of the page without scrolling. This is a very important aspect of your website design; many sites have important content hidden out of initial view without realising it. Google Analytics’ data is based on what actual visitors to your site could see, not on some global estimate. Here’s an example of what it shows: in Google In-Page Analytics

In the report above, the innermost orange line represents 99% of visitors, so it’s clear that on this site, which was designed a long time ago, just about everyone is able to see the full width of the content, as well as the first dozen items in the list on the page, which is enough to give the immediate impression that it’s worth scrolling down.

The small orange boxes represent the traditional use of Google In-Page Analytics, which is to see the percentage of visitors who clicked on each link. It’s amazing, on most websites, how small the percentages are on some of the menu links across the top. Clearly you’ve decided that these links are worth the prominence of being placed so high up on the page, but if only 1 in 500 visitors are clicking on them, your audience may not agree with you.

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