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Want to see what your site could look like, mobile-style?

This looks very interesting. A company called DudaMobile has created a system which will build a mobile-friendly website for you, and it’s teamed up with Google’s GoMo initiative to offer the whole thing free for a year (and it’s less than US$10 a month after that). What’s more, you can just enter your domain name on the website now to see an automated version of how the site would look, and I’m sure you’ll all want to give that a go. From the automatically-created version, you can of course make tweaks to ensure the whole thing looks how you’d want it to, but we’ve found that it’s pretty good first time on simple sites.

With mobile access continuing to grow, even for business to business websites, a decent small-screen presentation is becoming a very good investment. If your site is built around a content management system, it’s quite likely that you can add a template which will be activated automatically when the site is accessed by a mobile device. For everyone else, I suggest you take a look at this right away.

Click here to visit the GoMo/Dudamobile website

1 thought on “Want to see what your site could look like, mobile-style?”

  1. The most useful article for ages, Chris!
    I have already generated a test site with it and will be looking at how we can make it completely friendly but it is already usable. I had my doubts because our site is webstore built on Kryptronics software and I didn’t think an automated converter would work but it does. I even ordered a product online using it. Very impressive and I am already pretty sure that we will be using it. At $10 a month it’s very affordable.
    The tricky bit is going to be making the redirect work on our php coded website.
    Thanks for the tip.

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