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How many marketing videos have you got in you?

If you’ve read my articles on why you need to be making marketing videos, where they can work for you and what they should have in them, I hope your mind has been racing ahead and working out what your company could be making videos about. I honestly believe that even the smallest company, with the simplest product range, has dozens of potential videos in them. If there’s a message, however elementary, there’s a potential video presentation.

For a start, there’s a video to be made about every product or service in your lineup. In many cases, you might consider multiple videos for a particular product, to highlight different features and benefits. Then there are any relevant case studies you’ve done – these often neglected pieces of collateral can be brought to life through a video, just using the still images you have on file. Want to advertise a new catalogue? Tease a forthcoming launch? Highlight an achievement? Illustrate your company’s history? It doesn’t need much unique content to fill a one-minute video – indeed, the simpler the message, the more effective the presentation. I suspect if you start to list what you’ve got, you could sketch out 20 or 30 ideas straight away, without the news to come.

And where can these videos go? Naturally, you can embed them in your own website on the relevant pages. You’ll also want to include them in newsletters and press releases, of course. They’ll appear in Google results, and if set up well, will start to send visitors to your website from there. As I’ve already mentioned, videos are now appearing in the first page of Google results, and represent an astonishing opportunity to leap from nowhere onto that oh-so-critical page.

Indeed, if you think about it, the Google traffic alone will quite likely pay for the video to be made. The quality of any website visitors you get who’ve just watched your video will be very high, and what’s a quality visitor worth to you? Magazine adverts probably provide visitors at £20 each, and even the best value advertising around, Google AdWords, might end up costing you £2 per visitor. So if you can get a video made for, say, £250, it’ll have covered its costs if it can get just a few dozen visitors to your website, and it’ll have years to do that.

One other place where your videos can appear will be on your company’s own YouTube Channel, a resource you can set up for free which is superb for image building. If you’ve got one of these, populated with ten or twenty videos, you’re up with the big players. You could have this many videos made in a few months, and I’ll show you how tomorrow.

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