How do you move your company into online video affordably?

I regularly help clients by bouncing around marketing ideas, and the concept of making regular videos has come up in conversation quite often in the past year. Naturally, few companies have the resources or inclination to make this sort of thing happen in-house, but one or two have been enthusiastic enough to research the possibility of outsourcing such a project. In every case that I heard about, the result wasn’t encouraging: getting a video produced externally was going to cost at least £1,000, and that was too much for the “one a week” or “one a fortnight” plan which these companies had got excited about. After all, to get a really good YouTube channel going means having a couple of dozen videos, so if you’re not making at least one a fortnight, it’s going to take years to get going.

What’s more, briefing a video production company every week seems like a full-time job in itself. And that’s where we came in.

As most readers will know, part of the reason that BMON’s AdWords management service is so popular is that we understand your technology, so you can just say: “Here’s a budget, just get our AdWords advertising campaign running without any involvement from us, will you?” After all, we understand how blue widgets work, we know what blue widget buyers are thinking, and we know who else makes blue widgets. Putting together an advertising campaign is a lot easier from that starting point.

So we wondered whether we could produce videos as a “hands-off” service for clients – and the answer is that we can.

Our service has been running quietly, as a trial, with a few clients for the past few weeks, and the results have been really exciting. So today I’m proud to introduce BMON’s fully-fledged “One Minute Video” offering. It’s aimed at companies in the engineering, scientific and building sectors who would like to make videos as much part of their marketing mix as photos or press releases.

Here are a couple of examples of the type of video we’re talking about, made for Ion Science Ltd and Adept Scientific plc. They tick all the boxes which I’ve been describing earlier this week. We’ll make one of these videos every week for you for £1000 a month, or two each month for £600. That’s real affordability for the first time.

The great thing about BMON’s “One Minute Videos” is that they don’t demand any serious effort on your part. All you need to do is to send over a press release, or a brochure, and a small selection of photos. If you wish, highlight what the main points of the video should be. That’s all.

We’ll then make the video (which will be along the lines of those above), and present it back to you for online approval. We’ll set up a YouTube channel, and add the approved video there, and you’ll get the code to enable you to embed the video in your own website if you wish. We’ll sort out an appropriate search engine term to target, and ensure that all the titles, descriptions and tags are written and correct on the YouTube page. We’ll even set up links to the video and feature it on our own website. There’s nothing else for you to do. You’ll get a count of the views of your videos on the YouTube channel, and you’ll be able to see the numbers of visitors generated in your website analytics application.

We would expect a commitment for a few months, but the cost of moving your company into the world of online video is now only that of a throwaway advert in a magazine. The visibility which the video provides will be far better, we believe, and the longevity of the initiative will be greater still.

Best of all, at £250-£300 for a video, the initiative is affordable – and the reason for that is simplicity. Because our videos are composed of still images and text, there’s no requirement for cameras, lighting or production crew. Yet I’m sure you’ll agree, the results are highly professional and will get the message over to prospects. As far as Google is concerned, they’re no different to the most expensively-produced video (indeed, they may even be better, because they’ll be tagged, titled and targeted with care and industry knowledge).

If you’d like to discuss getting started, just let us know by emailing Tony here at or calling 01223 926414. We’re only taking on a few clients, so don’t hang around.

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