Is your copywriting, well, a bit half-hearted?

Do your company’s products sell themselves? Are they simply so good that you only need to tell your prospects that these products exist, nothing more? If so, you’re very lucky – and probably rather deluded. For the rest of us, it’s going to be necessary to make claims, albeit ones which – I hope – can be substantiated. So, given that it’s necessary in our promotional material to give prospects reasons why they should become customers, why do so many of us do it so half-heartedly?

“One of the leading suppliers of…”

This is probably the wettest statement I can imagine in marketing. Seriously, what’s it telling your prospects? The immediate conclusion I’d draw from this statement is that (a) there are other suppliers, and (b) at least some of them are as good as you are.

There must be one reason why people should buy your products rather than those of your competitors. Surely that’s worth talking about? It’s bad enough that marketing professionals routinely reach for meaningless words like “leading” in the first place. To then admit that you’re just one of a bunch of suppliers who could be described as “leading” seems to me like a copywriter who’s lost all enthusiasm for the job.

What do you think your prospects are looking for? They don’t go to Google, open a magazine or travel to a trade show looking for “a leading supplier”, that’s for sure. They want the smallest, the fastest or the cheapest, supplied by the most local, longest established or most widely-used manufacturer. You must have something good going for you. Don’t hide it.

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