Has your website been running OK today?

Here at BMON, when we set ourselves up as an outsourced service to run Google AdWords campaigns for engineering and scientific companies, we tried very hard to make ourselves stand out. After all, most companies have the option of using their local advertising agency if they don’t want to do it in-house. Today I’m happy to announce another free service for our clients: 24/7 monitoring of your company’s website.

We’ll be introducing this service over the next few days, starting with our largest clients. It will test out your website remotely every few minutes, and if there’s ever a problem, we’ll contact you so that you can get onto your web host as quickly as possible.

It’s a fact of life that most websites go offline from time to time. You can’t be expected to monitor yours manually, and it’s quite likely that you didn’t even know about it the last time your site went down. The web host almost certainly wouldn’t have told you voluntarily.

In addition to alerting clients if there’s a problem with their websites, we’ll also have uptime and response speed reports available on request, if you ever need to report on the website’s performance.

This free service is in addition to the other “above and beyond” support we offer to our Google AdWords clients, including our Google Competitor Performance reports (checking how you’re doing in Google), an entry in our Companies Directory, use of our Landing Page Generator, and permanent email access to members of the BMON team to provide guidance on any aspect of online marketing. So if you’re thinking of starting a Google AdWords campaign, or if your existing campaign could do with some specialists getting more out of it, you know where we are.

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