Will The Quo go on forever? You bet.

It’s amusing that one of the longest-lived rock bands ever is called Status Quo. Of course they’re still with us; it says so on the packet. But while the masters of the riff will eventually call it a day, the status quo will always be there as your biggest competitor in sales. Sure, some of your prospects will be new to the market, but the vast majority will be buying someone else’s product already, and the biggest unspoken barrier you need to overcome will be the fear of change. Doing things a different way is often perceived as risky, and who wants to take risks in times of uncertain job security?

So what can marketing do to help sales overcome a prospect’s fear of change? Instead of just talking about features and benefits, maybe we could concentrate more on why changing to our product represents a low risk. That would be helpful. Could we go further though, and start to demonstrate why the status quo is actually the riskier option? Prospects may fear change, but they also want to minimise risk. Perhaps your sales material should be placing greater emphasis on the potential downsides of not using your technology. The Quo will always be with us, after all.

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