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Why use still images as illustrative material?

A client last week had an opportunity to associate one of his products with a breaking news story, but was stuck for an image to include with the news page he was making on his website. All of the available images of the event in question were, of course, the copyright of the professional photographers and news organisations who’d published them, and our client couldn’t justify paying a lot of money for the rights (and nor did he know how to go about doing that anyway). The solution proved to be extremely straightforward. All of the major news organisations had already posted up reports on YouTube, and most permitted embedding the video in other web pages. So all our client needed to do was to embed a video in his page instead of a still image, using the code which YouTube kindly provides beneath each video. As we both said, simultaneously: “Sorted”.

4 thoughts on “Why use still images as illustrative material?”

  1. Replaced an image with the YouTube code from a clip but all I got was a black background with red cross in top LH corner.

    I’m no HTML expert but I think this means a missing file?

    Any iideas?

  2. Hi Ian – not sure about that: if the video can’t be embedded, I assume there’ll be no embedding code, and if the status of the video changes (e.g. it’s removed from YouTube), you get a message to say so. Very odd; you’re certain you copied the embedding code over correctly and that your website CMS can manage embedded code like that? Just a thought.

  3. Hello, all you said is right but the other side of the coin is that some companies (as mine one) have during working hour the firewall on for Social Networks, You Tube, and many other entertainment sites. So if I jumped in a potential supplier website having the YT video embeeded it wouldn’t be displayed to me and he’d probably miss a chance.

  4. Hi Juri – A good point. Fortunately, my experience is that there aren’t many companies around which still have senior management from the prehistoric era who won’t let staff watch a video. And they’ll be dying off soon. Ten years ago, there were still companies which wouldn’t let staff have internet access.

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