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Who’s keeping up with appearances?

Users of Google Analytics will have been aware that a new version, with some great features, has been available for some months now. You may be using it already. Unfortunately, some everyday capabilities have taken a long while to be updated for the new version, and for that reason the old version has remained available. These capabilities have included the creation of PDF reports, and the ability to email reports. As of a few days ago, however, you should see these too, and I don’t expect it to be long until the old version of Google Analytics is no longer available.

Every marketing manager must have access to full website analytics. If you can’t tell what your website visitors are doing, and where they’re coming from, you cannot market online effectively. Google Analytics is not the only product in town, but it’s an absurdly powerful product which just happens to be free, and that’s why 90% of the industrial and scientific businesses we support use it. If you’re still using some sort of “log analysis” (or not even investigating your website traffic at all), then you need to get a professional analytics application installed now. This can be done very cheaply (ask us to do it if your own website manager/designer can’t help) and the effort will be repaid almost immediately.

Traffic Flow in Google Analytics

1 thought on “Who’s keeping up with appearances?”

  1. Delighted that PDF exporting wasn’t binned in some disastrous rethink. Was appalled when it vanished one day.

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