Is your website missing out on a growing market?

Here’s a quite exceptionally good site for you to try out. Google’s GoMo initiative has been set up to help – and encourage – companies to make their websites more “mobile friendly”, and whatever market you serve, please don’t make the mistake of thinking mobile devices aren’t important. Serving the mobile device market doesn’t just mean helping customers who are on the road and who need technical data about products you’ve supplied to them (although that’s essential). It means that when the increasing number of prospects browsing the web on an iPad or similar tablet computer arrive at your site, they don’t immediately hit the back button because the whole design has fallen to pieces. It means serving the small screen (and possibly low bandwidth) devices which are still to come, but will almost certainly be the growth market of the next few years in computer hardware.

But don’t take it from me. Have a play on the GoMo site, and become convinced yourself. Best of all, test out your own website and get an independent analysis of what it looks like on a mobile device (see below). It takes just a few seconds to produce a report that might alarm you, but ought to be enough to persuade whoever holds the purse-strings that your site needs to be brought up-to-date. Your existing web designer should be able to convert what you’ve got to something more web-friendly, but if they can’t, there are plenty of others who can.

Google GoMo report on the website

More at Google’s GoMo initiative

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