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How’s your About Us page looking?

I was reading a good article by the great Guy Kawasaki the other day on how to create an enchanting pitch and it occurred to me that the principles go further than just pitching a business. The author suggests that you should get the entire, in-depth description of your proposed new business for new investors over and done in just 11 slides, and I’m sure that’s sound advice. However, I’ve sat at press conferences where the managing director has got up and shown more than 11 slides “just to give a quick overview of the company before we start”. A propensity to confuse waffle with comprehensiveness is always a danger.

However, what really got me thinking was that a great description of an existing business could be quite similar to a pitch for a proposed one, and we all need to create a great description of our business …for our own website. After all, the “About Us” page may well be your most-read on your whole site, after the home page.

So how can we modify a new business pitch to be an outline for describing your existing business? Here’s what I’d suggest. Start with a quick overview, then describe the market you address, and why you’re the right supplier for that market. Then move on to describe why the products are so good, both technically and in terms of availability. Finally, talk about the team and summarise why being one of your customers is such a desirable thing to be. The result will be better than most of your competitors’ About Us pages, I can guarantee.

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