How many times a day do you feature in the Google results?

If you’re running both Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools (and you should be), then there’s a degree of integration now available between the two which can yield some interesting insights. Firstly you’ll need to set up the link in Webmaster Tools: here’s how. Once that’s all sorted, and if you’re using the new Google Analytics interface, you’ll see a menu option called “Search Engine Optimisation” under “Traffic Sources” on the left (see illustration below). Now, you already know how many visitors Google is sending you. But what this integrates is data such as how often your site was appearing in the Google results for those search queries, enabling you to see, for example, that those 100 visitors came from 20,000 searches where you had an average position of 6 in the results.

As with any Google Analytics reporting, be careful not to waste time on this information just because it’s fun to play with. If it doesn’t offer answers to things you needed to know, then just file it away under “tools which might be useful one day”. However, you might well find, for example, that certain pages on your website are getting lower click-through rates from Google search than others, and if you can work out why, you could use the information to improve them. I’ve certainly had one or two intriguing insights.

Screenshot of Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools integration

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