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How do you get someone to add you to their directory?

Yesterday I suggested a way to find websites which have link pages where you ought to feature. Now we need to persuade the website owners to add you to their page. The answer comes from the article Broken Link Building Guide on SEOmoz.

What you shouldn’t forget (and I can confirm this, having run many directory pages) is that making an amendment to a page like this is a chore for the website owner. Putting yet another link on the page is not something they’re going to drop everything to do. So we need to give them a reason to fire up their editing software – a reason which is more than just adding your name to the list. The approach I’m suggesting here works on two levels: firstly, it shows you’re interested in them and their site, and secondly, it makes the job of updating the page more urgent.

What we need to do is to point out where their page is going wrong, in the nicest and most helpful way. One great way is to run a quick test for broken links for them. Nearly all lists of resources have these. Use Xenu (below) on a Windows PC or the Screaming Frog SEO Spider Tool on a Mac. When you’ve got your list of any broken links, that’s when you approach the website owner and say that you love their page, have found a few links which need updating, and have another link which they might want to add. It’ll work.

Screenshot from Xenu Link Sleuth

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