Do your press releases stand out?

I’ve written a lot of press releases, and I’ve read a thousand times as many. However, I’ve never had the job of writing one press release after another for the same company, or even the same product. You may well be in that unenviable situation. If that’s the case, I would imagine that it must be hard to do anything other than go through the motions. However, from the receiving end, I can tell you that 99% of all press releases look like they were written by somebody with that mindset. Somebody who’s convinced themselves that there’s some rigid format which must be followed, that a “corporate style” devised in the distant past must be followed slavishly, and that anything with a bit of personality would be frowned on by someone, somewhere. And the reason why they don’t question this? Simple: it makes their life easier.

Take a look at the last press release your company put out, and ask yourself this question: “If I was an editor wading through 50 press releases from different companies, would this one stand out from the crowd?” It doesn’t need to be through presentation (although it could be). It might stand out simply by the product’s sheer technical merit. But are you making the most of the material you have to work with?