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Nobody has ever gone out to look for a measurement solution

Yet another good article on the B2B Marketing Blog discusses the problem of writing for audiences which have little in common, and when it’s preferable to avoid doing this. In B2B content marketing: when target audiences clash, we see that when writing for two audiences which have certain things in common, we can either aim for the common ground, or try to tell both stories, or create separate pieces. But what we should never do is to use generic language which somehow skates over the differences between the two, and in doing so creates boring content for both of them. This is something I see all of the time: you might provide sensors for some customers, controls for others and displays for the rest, so to bring them all together, you decide to market your company as providing “measurement solutions”. The problem is, nobody has ever gone out to look for a measurement solution, and if you could get away with that in the past, you certainly can’t in this age of search marketing.

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