Need a way of conforming to the EU “Cookie Directive”?

For those of you who are proactively looking at solutions to the demands of the EU “Cookie Directive”, which I’ve discussed here previously, here’s a ready-made – and free – method of making your site conform to the legislation. Even if you’re putting your head under the pillow and hoping it’ll all go away, make a note, because if things kick off later this year, you might have to implement something sharpish.

In essence, the new legislation means we all have to ask visitors if it’s OK to put cookies on their computers, something which most websites do through use of services such as Google Analytics. As you might imagine, asking people for some pretty complex permissions before they can even look at your website is probably going to bring the web to a grinding halt, at least in Europe, but that’s the way it’s going to be. Cookie privacy software solution #3, on the Smart Insights blog, introduces a (generously) free software application which can be added to your website (although you’ll need a fairly knowledgeable website developer to implement it) which has been produced by Wolf Software. If you want to see what it looks like in action (and what it would look like to any visitors to your website), click here. I’m sure you’ll agree it’s very neat, even if it still ruins any website where it’s implemented. But that’s hardly the developers’ fault.

Read Cookie privacy software solution #3

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