Need a quick, free report on your online marketing?

A quick one today – a link to something you should all go and have some fun with. HubSpot’s Website Grader will be known to many of you as a nice tool to give you some assessments of your website’s search engine optimisation status; however, it’s now been replaced with an even more comprehensive tool, called Marketing Grader, and I’d thoroughly recommend going there right now and having a play. It won’t get everything right (although it does allow you manually fix some incorrect findings) but it will give you loads of good ideas about things to do to improve your online marketing, both now and in the future.

Take a look at Marketing Grader

2 thoughts on “Need a quick, free report on your online marketing?”

  1. Well, it was interesting and came up with some useful points but it is also highly unreliable in places. For example, it claimed that we don’t have a link to our blog on our home page. In fact there is a “News” tab right on the menu bar which links straight to it.
    Thanks for the suggestion, though.

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