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Ever thought of advertising on your own website?

It’s quite possible that you have a brilliant piece of collateral on your website, such as a catalogue, a great explanatory document, even a great freebie. Even the opportunity to sign up for a blog or newsletter is something which many visitors would be interested in, if they only knew of its existence. It often amazes me how many companies just give this offer its own page, and a single unique path to get to it. Many of the first-time visitors to your website might land on lower-level product pages, from where your excellent downloadable or requestable item would be several clicks away, even for visitors who knew that it was available in the first place. Why aren’t you advertising the item’s existence on every page, in the header, the footer or the sidebar? And not just a plain link – give it a proper panel, the way you’d want it to appear if it was being advertised on someone else’s website.

4 thoughts on “Ever thought of advertising on your own website?”

  1. It’s always best that we allot proper and recognizable space for our ads/products. Text links don’t always work and could get lost in all your content.

  2. Chris, do you monitor everything I do or think? I did this last December to promote a micro-site of ours. It was like, wow, that was easy and worthwhile! Great recommendation.

  3. If the product you are advertising for isn’t competing with your own product, it might be a good idea. The hard thing can be to find a product which is in the same category WITHOUT being directly competitive.

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