Are you confusing your prospects with too many options?

Research the “Rule of Three” and you’ll find a whole world of interesting studies and discussions about why, as humans, we find three such a compelling number. Whether it’s a sequence of three things, or giving people three options, it’s the number which gets results. Apparently three things stick in our head particularly effectively. When it comes to marketing, do you find that you have so many options available to prospects that you end up making sweeping generalisations? Do you say: “We offer a range of widgets of every colour for every application, do contact us to discuss what you need?” rather than highlighting the really interesting products, and giving your prospects something they can get a grip of? Picking out three items to give specifics about is your opportunity to use the power of three. I’d be much more interested by a supplier which said: “We’ve done all the hard work in evaluating the widget market, and can offer you red widgets for low speeds, white widgets for standard speeds and blue widgets for high speeds”. That’s something I can make a selection from.

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