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Optimising your calls to action

So, at the end of every web page, and possibly at other points too (as well as in your emails!), you’ve got a “call to action”, right? Of course you have. But what should that call to action say, for best effect? This is something which I’ve become obsessed by as I manage more and more Google AdWords campaigns, where you instantly see the results of different concluding text. If you can’t test multiple ideas, and only have one shot at it, I would suggest that you start by thinking of the most important benefit of clicking on the link, the “what’s in it for me”. Then try to reword that down to something which can be used in a link, perhaps no more than 6-8 words. Calls to action such as “Read More…” or “Download the data sheet…” really undersell what you have to offer. What about something as simple as “Read how the blue widget saves you time and money…” or “See exactly how the blue widget saves you time and money in the data sheet…”?

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