10 from 11: Using Google as your Media Buyer

Continuing the countdown of the articles this year which appear to have had the most readers online, Introducing Google’s “Display Network” ads was one which I wrote in the summer about this powerful but much-misused advertising medium. If you’re a Google AdWords advertiser, you should definitely experiment with this element of the service, but do make sure you’re keeping it quite separate from the normal “Search Network” ads. The more clients whose AdWords campaigns we manage here at BMON, the more I become fascinated by how unpredictable the results from the Display Network can be. For some companies, it generates extraordinary response – one of our clients has now diverted their entire AdWords budget to this side of things – but for others, it’s of very dubious benefit. The only way to find out is to test, but sadly, many AdWords advertisers just take the Google default of mixing up both services in the same campaigns and losing the ability to see the individual results. Certainly if you’re promoting a product or service which people aren’t actively looking for (because they don’t know they need it!), then the Display Network may be the way to go.

If all that sounds like hard work, you know where we are. Outsourcing your Google AdWords campaign to us might not cost you anything at all: do send for our free guide in the post if you want to know more.

Read Introducing Google’s “Display Network” ads, August 2011

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