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10 from 11: Reading these articles will help you to do your job better

The shortest of my 10 most-read articles from 2011 is “Copywriters (will) love this tip”, which was published back in September. It was an incredibly simple idea, which came from the Smart Insights blog. Just go through any sales or marketing literature you’ve written, and look for occurrences of the word “will”. Now see if you can remove that word, and make the sentence more powerful by doing so. “Our new blue widget will improve your machine’s efficiency” seems to make its point clearly. But “Our new blue widget improves your machine’s efficiency” is even better. Why does it work? It puts the customer into the present moment, and engages them with the product. See? Reading these articles will help you to do your job better.

Sorry, I should probably rewrite that.

Copywriters (will) love this tip, September 2011

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