10 from 11: Putting your PDFs to work in the Google results

In today’s recap of the most popular 10 articles from 2011, we go right back to January, and an article called How to make your PDFs look smarter in the Google results. It’s a fact that documents presented as PDF files can appear quite high in the Google results. Combine this with the unavoidable truth that many companies have more information slapped on their websites in the form of downloadable brochures than they do as proper web pages, and the outcome may be that for some companies, Google is as likely to be sending people to a PDF brochure directly as it is to a web page. You won’t know, by the way, because none of those visitors will be recorded in your website analytics. But that doesn’t mean you should neglect your PDFs.

Let’s take a look at how PDFs appear in the Google results by picking a company at random. Hmmm… I know, Britain’s biggest company, BP. Here’s what Google gives us if you filter the results for just PDFs. Now, there are a few in there which at least have decent titles. Others haven’t been given titles at all, and you just get the designer’s working filename, often with the giveaway “.qxd” suffix, showing it was made in the Quark Xpress application. I hope your PDFs look a bit better – do you dare have a peek?

How to make your PDFs look smarter in the Google results, January 2011

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