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10 from 11: Are B2B business directories worth the money?

I’ve written about online directories quite a few times this year, and one of those articles sneaks into our website’s “most-read” of the year. Paid-for web directories: are they worth it? had a fairly forthright title, and suggested that they could be, but you really need to test them out. The problem which the more reputable ones have is that there are a lot of other directories whose sales operations often come out with a lot of nonsense, as I discussed more recently in The old “our site doesn’t show up in Google Analytics” routine. The big directories in this country for B2B companies (or at least, the ones whose referrals traffic I see in clients’ website traffic reports) include the likes of Applegate, Kellysearch and Yell, and my advice to any company thinking of spending money with these services is to look at what they’re already sending you, and if it’s worth paying for more. The article below gives you some ideas on how to do so.

Read Paid-for web directories: are they worth it?, January 2011

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