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10 from 11: All the things which marketing departments get up to

Continuing my look back on the most-read articles of the year, we had a lot of fun with “A list of everything a marketing department might have to do” back in May. Here I tried to compile a list of all the activities which fall under the responsibility of marketing nowadays, and we received a lot of further suggestions. Here then is an updated version of the list. There’ll be tasks here which (thankfully) may not fall under the marketing remit in your organisation. Any more ideas are always welcome.

1. Content Production
– Articles (General)
– Articles (Case Studies, Application Notes)
– Blogs
– Brochures
– Catalogues
– Digital Magazines
– Ebooks
– Email Newsletters
– Image Sourcing and Management
– Mailshots
– Podcasts
– Press Releases (Company News)
– Press Releases (Product News)
– Printed Magazines
– Printed Newsletters
– Social Media
– Supporting Websites
– Videos
– Webinars
– White Papers

2. Distribution of Content
– Emailing
– Mailing
– Outsourced (e.g to a PR agency)
– Printing

3. Events
– Conferences and Seminars (organised by others)
– Conferences and Seminars (organised in-house)
– Customer Hospitality
– Trade Exhibitions

4. Advertising
– Broadcast Media – Creation
– Broadcast Media – Placement
– Calendars, Diaries, Year Planners
– Directories (Printed)
– Directories (Online)
– Magazines and Newspapers: Advertorial (inc. ‘colour separations’)
– Magazines and Newspapers: Display Advertising – Creation
– Magazines and Newspapers: Display Advertising – Placement
– Online: Display (e.g banners) – Creation
– Online: Display (e.g banners) – Placement
– Online: Pay-Per-Click (e.g Google AdWords) – Creation
– Online: Pay-Per-Click (e.g Google AdWords) – Placement

5. Website Maintenance
– Addition of Content
– General IT (inc. hosting)
– Redesign
– Search Engine Optimisation

6. New Product Development
– Market Research
– Monitoring Competition

7. Internal Marketing
– Distributor/Reseller Support
– Company Intranet Maintenance

8. Customer Database Maintenance
– Maintain
– Add
– Clean
– Measure

9. Corporate Branding
– Product Labelling
– Logo Design

10. Miscellaneous
– Point of Sale Materials
– International Marketing/Translations
– Telemarketing Management
– Cleaning the office fish tank

A list of everything a marketing department might have to do, May 2011

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