We’ve got the search results surrounded

First there were just adverts on the right hand side on Google results pages. Then came an advert above the results. Then that box started to expand, often to include three adverts. Now Google is putting adverts below the search results too, according to this announcement.

For some people, the proliferation of adverts on Google’s search results (“AdWords” advertisements) is a bad thing. However, the search engine has an amazing amount of data on which to base decisions, and it must be clear to them that users aren’t being put off by the adverts. In fact, the opposite may be true, especially for your customers. For most users who type “blue widgets” into Google, the result they want is going to be something like the Wikipedia entry for “blue widgets”, explaining what they are. And indeed, because Google works so well, that’s exactly what they’re presented with. It might take quite a lot of scrolling down to start to find some real suppliers, if that was what you want.

But those prospects looking for real suppliers are, of course, exactly the people you’re interested in, and that’s why the AdWords system suits all parties. The “natural search” results give you the background on the subject or product, and the AdWords adverts surrounding it give you the suppliers. Perfect. All Google is doing now is to give you more supplier information on a screen. If you want to be number one in the natural search results for a product, your web page needs to be the “Wikipedia of that particular subject”.

We will, of course, be looking at how these new position ads perform for all of the clients whose AdWords campaigns we manage. If you’re not putting in the hours which you ought to be on your AdWords campaign, maybe it’s time to hand it over to us to manage?

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