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During 2011 at BMON, we’ve tripled the number of companies whose Google AdWords campaigns we manage, and we’re very proud of how many seem very happy with what we’re doing for them. We’d be delighted to hear from you if you’re thinking of starting an AdWords campaign for the first time, outsourcing a campaign you currently run in-house, or changing from your existing agency. However, all this has rather put our other offering in the shade; something which – quietly – has grown to have more members than ever.

The Insider Programme is a service for marketing managers at industrial and scientific companies which aims to hand-hold your online marketing initiatives, whatever your level of experience or enthusiasm. It’s organised by our very own Jackie West, who was the Marketing Communications Manager at one of the country’s biggest automation companies for many years; Jackie absolutely understands (and sympathises with) the situation you’re in. If you ever wish you had someone you could turn to for advice with any aspect of online marketing, we’re here for you, and joining the Insider Programme is something your company should consider. It’s a really low-cost investment too!

So, what do you get for your £100 a month? First of all, access to our advice whenever you need it. To many of our members, just the reassurance which this can bring is worth more than the subscription. Most use this facility on an occasional basis, but we’ve been able to provide answers which have saved many companies thousands of pounds …and in a couple of cases, helped them avoid making mistakes which would have proved disastrous. We’re always happy to help out with queries as wide-ranging as “We’re about to rebuild our company website – what should we not forget, technically?” or as throwaway as “We’ve just been offered this, is it any good?” We’ve helped companies set up their Google Analytics to provide regular, meaningful reports which can be used in board meetings, and much more besides, including some emergency troubleshooting when there was nobody else to turn to.

The programme also offers a number of other benefits. We keep an eye on your company website, and provide reports from time to time on things such as broken links, external link-building opportunities and more. For the first year of membership, you’ll receive a weekly sheet explaining a different aspect of online marketing. Whilst terrific for beginners, it’s also useful as an audit for more experienced online marketers. We’ll set up our excellent Google Competitor Performance Report, which checks Google on a daily basis for a series of search terms important to your company, and graphs the positions where you and the competition are finding yourselves. In addition, we have a company directory which you can have a page on …and it’ll become clear why that’s so good when you join.

If you can find just £100 a month from your marketing budget in 2012, we think you will see membership of the Insider Programme as a really good investment. There’s no ongoing commitment, because we believe that every member should be continually getting good value. If you’d like to join, email Jackie West or just request a call from us and we can sort things out.

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