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Make your movies. And make them work.

There are many great reasons for you to be looking at incorporating video on your website. I cannot conceive of a company website which wouldn’t be enhanced by video, from operational demonstrations bringing products alive to interviews with the MD putting a human face on the organisation. You can spend thousands on professional production, but I’ve seen some terrific videos shot on an iPhone (which someone in the office must have) and edited with the iMovie app (£2.99). Given that, there isn’t a single person reading this who couldn’t make a serviceable movie clip for their company website by lunchtime today. There’s no excuse. Just make sure you shoot the video in a well-lit area.

But what is the current thinking on how best to host and present your video? How can you make it work hard for your website? Video SEO in 4 Simple Steps on Search Engine People is a nice simple start; the article suggests that you host it yourself (put it on YouTube later), use a good thumbnail with alt-tag keywords, and add a video sitemap. None of these things should take too much effort to research and implement.

2 thoughts on “Make your movies. And make them work.”

  1. I appreciate the tip off and encouragement to atleast try a diy approach but the link to 4 simple steps tells a first time diyer very little. It would like your local garage telling a first time car owner to regularly change the oil, plugs, points and condensor and then turn their back on you. Someone had to tell me all those years ago that a Haynes manual existed when I was a clueless spotty teenager. In short there are no pointers as to where to find info on how to take these 4 easy steps.

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