Google moves to keep up to the minute

I’ve deliberately not mentioned Google’s recent important ranking algorithm until now, so we could actually judge the effect. If you want to see the sort of theory that we geeks have been wading through, here’s the best article I’ve read. Apparently the update has affected the results page in some way on over a third of all searches, so this should be of interest to everyone, because there won’t be a reader of this blog whose company website’s main traffic source is anything other than Google.

Here’s the official announcement from Google. You’ll note that the whole thing is to do with “freshness” of content, and you might wonder how that’s going to affect business-to-business marketing, which isn’t all about the latest happenings in the world. The answer is that we should see far less impact than those who are more concerned with current events, but if you can get topical items on to your website, you might see some interesting traffic, for a short time at least. One thing is for sure: constant updates to a website are increasing in value as a way to “impress” Google, and – as I’ve said many times – you’re killing your web presence if the only additions to your website are a press release every three months. Get yourself a blog (we’ll do it for you if you insist!) and get writing.

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