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All change on Google Analytics

If you’re a regular Google Analytics user (and you should be, unless you’re shelling out for an expensive alternative), then you’ll probably have heard about the sparkly new interface which is being introduced. Indeed, you may already have tried it. For many of us, however, it’s not been an option to date, because some of the most essential features haven’t been built in. These include the critical ability to produce PDF reports, as well as to schedule emails. The big news this week is two-fold: firstly, they’re about to add those missing functions from the traditional Google Analytics; and secondly, that existing version is going to be withdrawn from January 2012. Assuming that the report features work well, I’ll be quite happy to make the switch. Amongst the new features on offer, if you’re a Google Analytics fiend like me, are Real Time Analytics, Multi-Channel Funnels, Social Plugin Analytics and Flow Visualization. In different ways, these are all quite intriguing.

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