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Please don’t fall for the SEO scammers

A nice rant on the David Naylor blog has a go at the companies who waste what must be millions of pounds every year on worthless efforts to improve their position in Google. You Get What You Pay For With SEO, Just Like With Everything Else categorises the folks who will gladly relieve you of marketing budget in exchange for nothing, and trust me, there are a lot of them out there. You probably get calls from them every week.

There are some great search engine optimisation (SEO) consultants, who can justify their fees, but don’t expect the fees to be a few hundred pounds a month. To do a proper job is going to require a lot of work, and you need to budget well into five figures. Now, if you understand what increased presence in Google can deliver, you’ll also realise that such a significant investment can be worthwhile, but it’s still a step too far for most small or medium sized industrial and scientific companies. That’s also why we don’t offer SEO services here at BMON, even though we’re regularly asked, because we know we couldn’t do a decent job for the budgets available to the sort of companies we like to work with. Others have no such consciences, it would appear.

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