Do your products have to be so dull?

I enjoyed reading The Art Of Seductive Landing Pages on Search Engine Land, not least because it’s one of those articles which instantly puts a “yeah, but…” train of thought into your head, and then promptly deals with your concerns. The article suggests that your landing pages need to seduce the visitor, and certainly the example it gives, with a classically sexy page design, does just that. To which you might say – as I did – “yes, but that’s easy if you’re selling fashion, but a bit harder if you’re selling process valves”. However, it then goes on to point out how this might be adapted for business-to-business use. Looking at the page it uses to demonstrate the point (from Dell, below), you have to admit, there’s nothing stopping you from being as creative, however unglamorous your products might be. The designers who produced your rather uninspiring website? You might be surprised what they can do, given the opportunity.

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