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Beating presentational boredom with big labels

There have been many articles written over the past couple of weeks about the late Steve Jobs of Apple, and in particular what we can learn from his business style and achievements. One of the things he did particularly well was make product presentations. Many companies have products as interesting as Apple’s, but I can’t think of any other business leaders who would get millions of people visiting a website to watch them make a product announcement. I’ve certainly watched them, and sure, I like Apple stuff, but I like many other companies’ stuff just as much, and I wouldn’t want to watch their MD give a presentation, thanks.

And it’s not as if he put on a great show. Sure, there were some fun flourishes, such as his “one more thing…” segments, but really, he was a conservatively dressed guy doing a Powerpoint (sorry – Keynote) presentation. So what did he do right? I think the main thing was simplicity. All of those slides you saw behind him? Sure, there were a few bullet point lists, but you weren’t supposed to read them. When they did appear, most were subservient to a larger image. But most of the slides were just big 60-point labels, with no clutter. And it wasn’t just the simplicity of the slides which made the presentations work, it was the fact that Jobs was never able to resort to reading them instead of memorising his script.

On Thursday I’m doing one of our free “Get to know Google AdWords” seminars* to a small audience of people like you (indeed, perhaps you may be coming). I can’t promise to just use a couple of dozen slides each with only two or three words on them, but I will promise to at least try to learn from Steve Jobs, and not be boring.

*The seminar is at Letchworth, Herts, this Thursday from 10am to 2.30pm. If you’re at all unsure about setting up a Google AdWords campaign for your company, it’ll be a worthwhile day out, as (I hope) by the end of it, you should be much more confident about what you need to do. It’s a small gathering, but we still have a couple of seats available, and if you’d like to come, call Tony Rand on 01462 489060 and let him know.

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