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A six step copywriting technique which improves over four

Here’s a terrific article for those of you who, like me, are fascinated by sales copywriting. One of the problems with a lot of writing about this subject is that it’s either too brief to be educational or too long to be practical (there are, of course, many complete books on the subject). Here’s an article, however, which you can take in at a sitting, yet still use as a template next time you come to write a sales letter or indeed a promotional article. Introducing the 6+1 Model for Effective Copywriting on Smashing Magazine suggests that using a common technique known as AIDA (attention, interest, desire, action) doesn’t really do the job properly, and gives a good example to show where it fails. Instead, a slightly more complex, but still understandable, technique works better, using the six steps of establishing context, grabbing attention, highlighting a desire, explaining the implications of inaction, describing a solution, and presenting the call to action. As one of the first commenters explains, the article itself uses the method to get its message over: “I think you might have used this article on me, the reader. You are writing for smashingmag, which establishes you as someone who knows your stuff enough to be approved by the editors; you grab my attention by telling me that the old way, AIDA, is lacking an important aspect; you make me want to learn what you think AIDA lacks; so I read the rest of the article.”

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