The best time to send an email? Any time.

Clients we’re advising often ask if there’s a best time to send out emails. According to Campaign send time isn’t important on the Emailvision blog, a small poll confirmed what I suspect we all can guess, that most people (94%) scan all new or recent unread emails when they look at their inbox. So you’ll be seen, whenever you send out your email. Whether your email gets opened or not is another matter. There are only two things the recipient has to go on here: the sender name and the subject line. Getting both of those right is way more important than the time of day, or day of the week, in which the email actually arrives. However, if you have a reasonable-sized email distribution list, why not try some experiments? Send one half the email, say, overnight, and send the other half the email during the day. Make sure any internal links are tagged properly, and see how the response compares. Remember, it’s response you’re looking for here, not “open rate”.

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