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Presenting PDF documents to the web: a summary

A good post on the Google Webmaster Central Blog covers PDFs in Google search results, something which is probably of critical importance to most industrial and scientific companies. It’s almost certain that you have catalogues, brochures or data sheets on your website as PDF files, and these seem to be appearing ever more strongly in Google’s results (so long as you don’t hide them from your website visitors by making them only available on request). We’ve discussed how to present PDF files before, here and here and here and here and here! However, this article comes straight from the horse’s mouth, so to speak. Do remember a common failing – which I see quite frequently – of PDF brochures being scans of original documents. Like any image, Google can’t read the content of these. If you have PDF documents which are scanned images, you need to get proper versions urgently. You can tell images quite easily: the text won’t be selectable.

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