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Make that magazine coverage get you some results

I had an interesting conversation the other day with a client, who told me three things but couldn’t see the connection. The first was that her company’s latest product had recently received a really good writeup in one of the few engineering magazines which still does nice spreads on great technology. She was really pleased about this, but added: “it’s a shame nobody seems to read that magazine any more”. I’m not sure that’s true, but she probably has a better idea of her customers than I do. What she’s more enthusiastic about at the moment are the results of her regular company email newsletter, which has been getting demonstrably great response since she cut it to one article per issue, and introduced some proper tracking to see who reads it and what they do with the information. “The only thing holding me back with the newsletter”, she said, “is finding enough really good stories to send out”.

You may be ahead of me here. If you’ve had a great article in a (respected) magazine, but don’t reckon your customers read that magazine, why not send the article to them? If you just provide a link to the article on the magazine’s website, the magazine will be delighted, but if they don’t publish their stuff online (or publish it badly), then make an arrangement with them to make an “electronic reprint” available, in the form of a PDF version available for your readers. Some publishers might want to charge for this, but even if they do, it should be a good investment. More go-ahead publishers might be happy to let you distribute the article in exchange for a credit which might encourage your customers to join the magazine’s circulation.

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