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How to… write some easy, effective articles for your site

Anyone with a blog on their site will be familiar with the feeling of “what should I write next?” But to be honest, everyone should be familiar with that feeling, because if you’re not adding new content to your site on a regular basis, well …you’re not doing your job properly. Here’s an easy article to write (which could become a series of hundreds of articles if you want!): the “How To…” article. There are no end of “How To…” articles which would enhance your website, and not just those which explain how to do something, and magically come up with your company’s products as the answer. Practical articles for existing users (“how to change the batteries on our product”) are just as good.

And why are these articles so good? They work on many levels. For a start, they can be genuinely useful resources for visitors, whether they’re early-stage prospects or existing customers. They make your company seem genuinely helpful (and possibly authoritative) to any visitor. They add good, technical material to the site which will be hoovered up eagerly by the search engines. And they might well relieve technical support or sales of unnecessary telephone calls. Why not commission a set of “How To…” articles right now?

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