How do you promote your company events?

HubSpot and Constant Contact have produced a report called Fascinating Event Marketing Stats which looks at how companies are promoting their own events. Some of the results are interesting, including the finding that on average, businesses use 5-6 different methods to promote their events, which I think is surprisingly high. The most commonly used promotional method is emailing, used by 76% of companies surveyed. I guess that’s an obvious way to get the message out. This is followed by “word of mouth” which I suspect is not so much a planned strategy, but something which would just happen. Just under half of the companies mail out invitations, and a similar number call individuals by telephone.

At the bottom end of the 20 or so different promotional methods commonly used was magazine advertising. From my experience publishing magazines for many years, I know this is the case, as we rarely ran adverts to promote events, and I have to say I found this odd, because I always thought it was a very good vehicle for that. I suspect one of the reasons magazines have always been neglected for event advertising is down to the lead time; it’s not often that I’ve come across a marketing manager who’s putting the publicity plans together many weeks before an event. It’s more common for them to be given about ten days to sort the whole thing out.

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