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Google AdWords ads aren’t just three lines of text

A much underexploited part of Google AdWords advertising is the “image ads” option. Most people who do their own Google AdWords advertising (and who probably never have the time to research all of its possibilities) just use the traditional “text ads” which most people associate with AdWords. By default, these appear on the Google search results pages and also run on the “Display Network” of thousands of third-party sites which have contracted-in to run adverts for Google. But there’s also a third advert-type and placement combination on offer, which is the “image” (banner) advert. You can specify these to appear across the “Display Network” on relevant pages, or only on certain sites.

Can you guess what the problem is with running “image” adverts through Google AdWords? Yes, you have to create them in the first place. The vast majority of Google AdWords advertisers never go this far, and consequently, the “image” adverts can represent good value. You’ll need to do some trial and error to find out if that’s the case, but it’s definitely worth it. We offer this service as standard (including creating the image adverts) for all of our Google AdWords clients spending more than the minimum each month through us, and that may be another good reason to hand your Google AdWords management over to the team here at BMON.

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