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Spreading your marketing bets

Seth Godin recently wrote that fifty years ago, for every broadcaster there were a million viewers, but that’s come down over the years to 100:1, because we’re all broadcasters to micro-audiences now. He asks what the world will look like when we get to 10:1, and it’s a great question. What does this mean for us in industrial and scientific marketing? More work, I think, but not necessarily more expense. What it means is that you no longer have the option of signing one big purchase order for a giant trade show which everyone attends, or a magazine which everyone reads, because those things are dead. Instead you need to address lots of smaller audiences: 100 people here on that Google search term, 100 people there with your Twitter stream …it all adds up to the same, and probably more. It’s a lot to think about, but it spreads your bets and is far less risky.

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