Making the most of your RSS feed

If your site is built on a content management system like WordPress, you automatically have an RSS feed (Google it if you don’t know what one of those is). Even if your site is just made up of static pages made in Dreamweaver or something, if you find a friendly IT geek they’ll be able to make up an RSS feed from pages on your site. Get them to have a look here. And you can do quite a lot with an RSS feed. What I’m going to recommend here is that you start by submitting it to as many RSS feed directories as you can. The links you’ll get from those sites won’t dramatically improve your site’s ranking in the search engines, but they can produce traffic directly, over a long period. That’s a nice easy bit. There are other tricks you can do. For example, when other sites link to me, I often want to publicise those links, to ensure the search engines have found those links. You can’t rely on the sites which are linking to you to be well crawled. I know some people who set up an RSS feed, and every time someone links to them, add that link to the feed. Presumably they submit that to the directories too. Brilliant.

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