It’s not all about getting links

The business marketing scene has changed in the past few years, but I wonder sometimes if some of us have gone too far. One of our Insider Programme members recently asked my opinion on whether it was worth sending out articles to online sites any more. After all, as has been well documented, Google has decided to devalue sites which just run lots of syndicated articles, and therefore the links won’t be worth much anymore, will they?

At this point, it’s probably worth stepping back and asking why you’re writing articles and sending them out in the first place. Remember the good old days? You wrote an article because you thought it would appeal to the Editor of What Widget magazine, and they’d publish it, and your company would look that bit more authoritative. What’s more, for a long time afterwards, you could point prospects to that article as some sort of endorsement. Well, nothing’s changed. Sure, some of the best-read publications are online, and most of the print publications are thinner and therefore harder to get space in, but they can all do an excellent job at getting your message out there. It’s not all about getting links.

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