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Evolution – or even revolution – for the Pro-Talk websites

A bit more of a “news” post than “tips” one today, but I thought it was worth pointing you towards a good article by PR Consultant Richard Stone on his Stone Junction blog which discusses what’s been happening to the Pro-Talk websites and newsletters recently. As many of you will know, I was one of the founders of these sites, which included Engineeringtalk, Manufacturingtalk and Electronicstalk, back in 2000. They were taken over by Centaur Media in 2006, and there have been some significant changes from the original model in the past five years, to take account of the changing media landscape. In Richard’s article – What’s the impact of Source the Engineer? – he looks at how the four Pro-Talk engineering sites have been amalgamated recently into a more centralised resource, closely linked to The Engineer, Centaur’s flagship engineering publication. If you use the Pro-Talk sites to disseminate information, it’s worth a read, and feel free to make any comments on our website here.

1 thought on “Evolution – or even revolution – for the Pro-Talk websites”

  1. Basically Centaur killed the goose by trying to impose a magazine structure (dare I say sep charge culture) on the web sites. I don’t believe Google is to blame. BMON has it right – all companies are publishers now and this is what we try and get across to our clients. Though it still can be an uphill struggle sometimes.

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