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A Frequently Missed Opportunity

I haven’t mentioned this for a couple of years, but “Frequently Asked Questions” should be a really important part of everyone’s website. The main reason to have one is that they make you seem human, and they help users by doing exactly what they promise: answer frequently-asked questions. Of course, you should take the smart approach and say “well, if the questions are frequently asked, maybe I should put the answers more prominently on the website so that they aren’t so frequently asked”. But even if you do, I’d leave the page up there, because …well, people like it. “FAQs” are actually a really good way to present your sales story, and also to answer certain objections that you might not want to mention in the main sales page. They should have nice links to relevant pages on your website (yes, another chance to bury some good links with keyword-rich anchor text into the body copy) so that they’re both helpful and great for search engine optimisation. Finally, as I’ve pointed out many times, it’s amazing how many people type questions into Google, so an “FAQs” page may strike gold and repeat exactly the question they’ve typed in. Go on, create one for your site today.

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