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What to do when your parent company beats you in Google

This time last week I looked at what to do if you’re not appearing at the top of Google searches for your company name, or at least the common variations on it. Today I’m going to discuss another problem, which is common with industrial and scientific companies but looked on with amazement in other sectors. The problem is when people type your company name into Google, see a perfectly informative looking entry about you at the top of the results, but it’s not the place you’d want them to go. What is it? The global website of a parent company. If you’re competing with such a site, but are managing to stay above it, do also check that you’re coming top for a search on your company name in as well as Despite redirections from Google, we find that many people in the UK still manage to inadvertently end up searching – and the results are different there.

An example of one major company where this is the case is process automation specialist Endress + Hauser. Like many multinational organisations, there’s a worldwide site and a site in each country. I don’t know about other countries, but in the UK – especially if you use – a search on the company name can often give you this result:

Endress+Hauser search results in Google

Very impressive, with all the small “sitelinks”, but it’s not the UK site. Now, to be fair to Google, there’s a direct link to the UK site showing, but few people click on those sitelinks. Endress+Hauser have tackled the problem decently enough – if you click through to the corporate site, it’s only a couple of clicks through to the UK one. But it’s still extra effort for the visitor, and gives them the chance to get distracted on the way, or to see the wrong message. So the company’s solution has been to put a Google AdWords ad above the results in the UK, giving visitors the instant option to go straight to the UK site if they wish, and providing control of the marketing message too. Everyone wins. Here’s the full result which people see:

Endress+Hauser in Google with AdWords ad

For the small amount of money this costs each month, doing this is a bit of a marketing “no-brainer”: getting people through to the website quickly and delivering an easily-changed marketing message. We offer it to all of the companies who we manage Google AdWords campaigns for, as it makes so much sense. We can get you up and running with this, alongside more traditional product-based AdWords advertising, for as little as £600 a month – just email Tony Rand or Rob Hancocks to arrange a chat about what we can do.

The final article in this series will summarise all of the ideas we’ve discussed.

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