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It’s possible that your company is some sort of automated online ordering service, in which case nobody really cares who works for you. But for everyone else, the people at the company are a sales asset of some sort. Whether it’s your knowledge, your personalities or the size of your team, I’m sure that if you stood up and did even the shortest of introductions to your company, you’d mention the people. Yet when it comes to your website, do you suddenly change your mind? Was the “About Us” page written with a brief which appears to have been “make this as boring as possible, and for goodness’ sake don’t mention the people”? If you’ve got too many people to start talking about individuals, then how about a decent image of some of your offices, so that prospects can at least start to imagine the type of people who work there?

Here’s a little game. Go to Google and type in “about us” followed by a number. This will give you a random list of company “About Us” pages. Click on a few (it gets quite fun after a while) and see which ones say to you: “I’d feel good about doing business with this company”. Do you think your prospects get as warm a feeling after seeing your “About Us” page?

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