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Put a Google AdWords ad by your company name for branding

You may have read my articles last week and the week before showing how effectively companies are running a Google AdWords campaign against searches on their company name. I talked about how it can put you at the top of the results page when you’re not appearing for a certain variation on your company name, or when the page being shown for your company isn’t the right one. But there are some other great reasons to do this. My favourite ones are to get a specific message over, and to reclaim the space.

Even when you’re number one for a search on your company name, the actual result is likely to be fairly dry: your company name, and a few words about what you do, or where you are. That’s the most sensible way to present any normal, serious business. However, a Google AdWords ad above this can give you the opportunity to get over a marketing message and say so much more, in a way you wouldn’t want your formal result to do. Here’s how print finishing equipment company Watkiss Automation has done just that:

Watkiss Automation Google Result

The “natural” result says what people would expect: the company’s name is “Watkiss Automation Ltd”, this is their website, and they make print finishing equipment for digital and offset printers. But above this they’ve put in a Google AdWords ad which actively encourages people to visit the website and shows they have a bit of dynamism about them. Look! Their equipment is from the UK! There’s a free brochure I can get on the current product range! Sure, anybody typing in “Watkiss Automation” into Google will have been looking for the company anyway, but the ad can help send people through with a bit more enthusiasm that this isn’t going to be just one more corporate website. What’s more, the message can be customised at very short notice, so it could be used to mention current offers, new launches, latest events, whatever you wish. Watkiss have realised that Google AdWords advertising might be plain, but the sheer volume of people who’ll see their ads there give them a more serious branding opportunity than they’ve ever been able to afford before. A recent study has also shown that AdWords ads do not cannibalise your traffic either.

Next week I’ll finish off this mini-series by talking about “reclaiming the space”. As I’ve taken every opportunity to mention, we offer advertising against your own company name to all of the companies for who we manage Google AdWords campaigns, as it makes so much sense. We can get you up and running with this and more traditional product-based AdWords advertising for as little as £600 a month – just email Tony Rand or Rob Hancocks to arrange a chat about what we can do.

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