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Don’t hold back on getting sales enquiries

Yesterday I made the point that holding back information from prospects in the hope of getting more enquiries has become an outdated strategy. If you don’t give prospects all the information they need, a critical number will now go elsewhere rather than wait for you to send the sales team round. But that’s only half of the story. Companies which have changed their marketing in this way have found another benefit, which is becoming increasingly significant. It’s caused by so many people now finding out about your company and its products from the same source: Google. As everyone knows, raising your profile in Google by just a little bit will massively increase the amount of interest you get. And the more content you’re offering, the more traffic you’ll get from Google.

We’ve already shown that if you have two web pages about the same product, one with comprehensive information and the other with just a summary but the chance to “request more details”, the former will now get just as many sales enquiries, and they’ll be better quality. But in addition, the one with comprehensive information will get increased traffic from Google. The more words you publish, the more chance of capturing that obscure search which someone has just made. So by publishing every last scrap of information about a product, you’re going to get more people reading about it.

More people see what you have to say – and the quality of enquiries gets better? Sounds good to me.

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