Changing times at Google: this is the Big One

Obviously when I emphasise the importance of Google to the readers of this blog like you, I’m preaching to the converted. However, it would make you feel very good about yourself if you knew just how many of your contemporaries really do still spend as much time organising their company’s stand at WidgetEx’11 as they do on improving their website’s performance in Google …despite the latter probably generating ten times or a hundred times more new customers. Anyway, if you have the luxury of taking a longer-term view on search engine marketing, you might have heard about (and be considering the implications of) Google’s launch last week of “Google+”. If you can spare twenty minutes, I would thoroughly recommend an article by Stephen Levy called Inside Google+ – How the Search Giant Plans to Go Social on Wired which gives us a tremendous insight into the way the search giant is heading, and what it might mean for us all.

I do think that this is the most significant change at Google since it introduced advertising over ten years ago. If you think things became a little confusing when Google started to serve up different results to different users, you ain’t seen nothin’ yet. Of course, what we all want to know is: “how do we make the most of this?” and at the moment, I’d say the best course of action is to continue to follow the advice given out by most experts over the past few years: create content, and use all the active channels you can. The last laugh may well be with the instrumentation company I spoke to the other day who had just cancelled all its magazine advertising and both of the trade exhibitions lined up for next year, and used the £35,000 saved to employ a full-time writer (or “content creator”) in-house. Whatever happens with Google, they intend to be in a position to take advantage.

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  1. I’ve been blessed with a super-effective graphics-oriented assistant the last three years. As he moves up, I’ve been thinking of hiring a super-effective writing-oriented assistant. I think you’ve just tipped me over from thinking to doing. Thanks.

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